designed by nature

We are Heel,

an international pharmaceutical company specializing in natural medicines. We are convinced that the future belongs to medicines supporting the body’s ability to get well and to enhance quality of life. With our medical and scientific expertise, we are committed to providing patients worldwide with effective and well tolerated therapeutic solutions.



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We promote healing

and thereby relieve symptoms

The human body’s capabilities are impressive, multi-faceted, and highly complex. Our medicines take advantage of this potential. With natural ingredients they activate, regulate, and modulate the body’s own processes to effectively foster healing.

For a sustained recovery of humans and animals.

We conduct research

according to highest scientific standards

Research is part of our identity. We conduct clinical studies to prove the efficacy and safety of our pharmaceuticals or preclinical studies to investigate the mode of action of our medicines in detail.

We meet our research ambitions through groundbreaking technologies, a global network of leading scientists, following the principles of evidence-based medicine.

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We produce medicines

"Made in Germany"

Our medicines are manufactured in Baden-Baden — "Made in Germany". 

For us, this is an obligation to deliver quality and a commitment we fulfill through a certified production process of the highest standards. From harvesting the plants to delivering the products, each individual package’s route is monitored and documented.

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We are globally active

in 50 countries worldwide

What began over 80 years ago as a visionary idea has long since grown into a globally active manufacturer of medicines that millions of physicians, pharmacists and patients have come to rely on.

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We live health

Health is our focus; it’s that simple. Whether in relation to our products, to how we work, or to what motivates us, health is indispensable to our corporate identity. In everything we do, we also always strive to promote health.

Heel. Healthcare designed by nature

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  • Human Health  

    Heel offers a variety of therapeutic solutions for a sustained recovery.

  • Animal Health

    Heel veterinary medicines are tailored for the treatment of dogs, cats, and horses. 

  • Therapeutic Areas

    Heel medicines are used in differenent therapeutic areas. 

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    We are committed to providing patients with effective and well tolerated  medicines. Interested in joining us?